Global Economic Reports

Agritech Business Barometer Survey

The Economic Committee has created this powerful tool for obtaining accurate, timely feedback on global market trends. By means of a comprehensive online questionnaire, Agrievolution Alliance Economic Committee member associations ask their agricultural equipment manufacturing representatives (senior management level) about their current business situation and their outlook for their respective markets. The survey is conducted twice a year (in April and October). Participants are provided an exclusive report, and a public report is made available here on the Agrievolution website.

October 2014 Agritech Business Barometer
The global business climate for agricultural machinery has weakened. The manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machines are less satisfied with their current business situation than in the past four years. Per the Barometer, only 18% of companies surveyed described their business situation to be “good” or “very good”.

April 2014 Agritech Business Barometer
While the worldwide outlook for 2014 agricultural machinery markets remains positive overall, manufacturers foresee challenges to maintaining the high production levels of 2013.

Highlights of Global Tractor Market Report
The Global Tractor Market Report gathers statistics directly from tractor manufacturers on monthly and yearly units of tractors sold in major markets worldwide over a span of several years. Observations by the Agrievolution Economic Committee are provided. The full report is available to Alliance members only, but highlights may be found here.


October 2013 Public Agritech Business Barometer
In general, the perspectives on the agricultural machinery markets remain positive. Sales went up during the past three months in most markets compared to a rather flat development during the first half of this year. On a global average, 45 percent of the manufacturers expect further growth of their turnover for the coming six months, while 37 percent anticipate their turnover to remain on the current level and only 18 percent expect decreasing sales. According to the survey, above average growth will occur in China, Brazil and Turkey for the next months, based on a higher order stock level.

April 2013 Public Agritech Business Barometer
New Agritech Business Barometer results illustrate global optimism

The manufacturers of agricultural machinery are very satisfied and optimistic about near-term expectations in most parts of the world. This is the general result of the 7th survey among industry representatives, executed during the month of April 2013.

The global business climate index rose by 10 points, reaching 29 on a scale of -100 to +100. While the current business evaluation remained "good" as in the previous survey, expectations for turnover in the next half year went up considerably. For the first time in this survey, the majority of Japanese manufacturers have a positive outlook on the market situation. The boom in the Indian and Brazilian markets was confirmed. Also, one out of two companies in the US expects to see sales growth in the next six months, while the rest expect to at least maintain the high level reached in 2012. More cautious voices come from Europe, where some markets are declining.


October 2012 Public Agritech Business Barometer
Overall optimistic evaluation of the ag machinery markets
The global business climate for the agricultural machinery industry remains positive. This is a central result of the last survey for the Agritech Business Barometer, a worldwide semi-annual survey among representatives of the sector. Comparable to the last surveys, regional differences became evident – from very high satisfaction with the current business in India and the USA to a more cautious evaluation in Japan, Western Europe and Turkey. The outlook for the next six months in general is positive, given the fact that the order books are still relatively high.